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Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Holland Taylor When this piffle of a movie was being pitched, someone must have optimistically promised, “Think Pretty Woman in reverse.” Yeah, and Alexander was Patton in togas.

EXTRAS Messing’s commentary reveals that the sisters’ relationship originally included even harsher dialogue, and that she liked the darker tone.-3Dermot Mulroney is completely interchangeable with Dylan Mc Dermot. -1__ is even less realistic than The Wedding Planner, because in real life she would have Craigslisted "male escorts" after a few glasses of wine and then just taken a dude friend from college, like the rest of us. Romance Reality Index: Have 6 Minutes And 58 Seconds?Stop Everything And Watch The Extended Sneak Peek Of NBC's* Smash!So, naturally, she crashes another couple’s boat wedding and professes her feelings for him via microphone in front of a crowd of strangers.Luckily for Jane, Kevin very publicly returns her love and the two spend the rest of the night stealing the just-married couple's thunder with their cuteness.

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Vanzelfsprekend wijkt haar 'Chippendale'geen minuut van haar zijde en verloopt alles net even anders ....

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