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I was given a lot of homework, so I dropped football and carried on with rugby.

I took eight GCSE's but only got four, and they were all grade C.

Boys excelling at, say, maths would never get a mention.

He was part of the victorious 2003 World Cup team and won a total of 77 caps, nine as captain - more than any other scrum half in England's history.My dad loved the game and had introduced me to it when I was five or six.By the time I joined RGS, I was playing football for Chelsea FC's boys' team on Sundays and Monday evenings, and rugby on a Saturday.I was more interested in playing outside - whether it was bulldog, cricket or rugby - so the momentousness of going from a tiny school to the RGS, with its impressive buildings and huge 18-year-old boys, really hit me. I'd do badly at the end-of-year exams, pluck up the courage to show my dad my school report and he'd ground me for the first two weeks of the summer holidays. It wasn't until I reached my mid-20s that I began to understand that learning was important, and I started to enjoy subjects such as history and geography.The older boys called the first and second years Wombugs - I don't know why - and if someone from the sixth form decided they wanted you to queue up for them at the tuck shop, you had to do it. We had a corridor called 'bog alley' that you had to walk down to reach the toilets, but if the older boys were there playing cricket, they wouldn't let you through. On the yearly school report, you were scored from one to nine, with nine being the highest. I think it's because, by then, the internet had come along, and I found this new way of getting information really stimulating.

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