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He states that his dream was to work as a therapist and he wanted to achieve this, but he states that he was auditioning much and he realized that there will come a time that he is going to have to pick one or another and to fully get into it.

It looks like Nick Wechsler girlfriend does not exist because he has not reached his dream yet.

And someone who creates sort of balance in a relationship and isn’t just sort of using me … That kind of stuff, because that message that’s in my subconscious is, ‘I’m here because you want me, not because of what you can give me.’ Well, based on those lines, trying to create balance and letting me know that the reason I’m here is you; it’s not what you’re going to give me or what I can’t get out of this, other than maybe love. And Nick is yet to get married to enjoy a married life with a wife!

Celebrities falling victim of gay speculation is not a new thing, and Nick is no different.

He shared, My ideal woman is definitely attractive and fit, but more importantly is intelligent and funny. I spent time checking out different parts of England. I don’t know if she was truly an alcoholic, or just got more liquored up than she meant to.It appears that Nick would not have anything if he would not be acting at the moment and this might be another reason why there is no Nick Wechsler girlfriend, because he is concentrated on getting there where he wants.It appears that he began acting because of simple reasons, because he wanted to get money in order to pay for his Psychology education that he wanted to get. Age: 39 (9/2/1978)Occupation: Entertainment - Actor Most Famous For: Kyle Valenti in "Roswell" "I could smell his cologne. You're here.' I was turning around, and I said, 'Hey, Bernard.' It stayed with me for about five minutes; I was very comforted. Whether one has a girlfriend or not, he has a list of things he primarily seeks in his girlfriend.

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