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Much of the publicity about the changes to the curriculum has focused on ‘higher expectations’ in various subjects, and it is certainly the case that in some areas the content of the new primary curriculum is significantly more demanding than in the past.

We aim to inspire children, through exciting and creative hooks. The National Curriculum provides the school with the outline of knowledge, skills and understanding that we are required to cover in school.Alongside these are the familiar foundation subjects: Art, Computing, Design & Technology, Modern Foreign Languages (KS2 only), Geography, History, Music, R. For these foundation subjects, schools have much more flexibility regarding what they cover in these subjects.This has meant that although the core principles are still outlined, it has given schools more freedom with the breadth of the content particularly within the foundation subjects.The Willesley Curriculum is the whole learning experience.

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Perot envisioned Victory Park as an "urban lifestyle destination." Anchored by the American Airlines Center, home of the Mavericks, the entire development was planned at a very detailed level by its developers. like the schizophrenic dream of some power-hungry capitalist technocrat." However, other journalists have countered this criticism of New Urbanist principles, citing that developments like Victory Park build on a classic, centuries old formula and "are not a quick fix but the slow weaving together of smart, sometimes big, often small, urban solutions" to create viable and enduring community destinations.

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