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After about 50 rounds of .44 Magnum loads, the front sight started to peel away from the barrel so it was sent back to A. Along with it came a blued 4 5/8 Packin Pistol with a heavy bull barrel and this one proved to be one of the best looking, best balanced .44 Magnums I had ever encountered up to that point and the heavy bull barrel did a lot to help dampen felt recoil.

The barrels on the two 7 1/2 sixguns had a tapered shape of .794 to .714 back to front, while the short-barreled .44 was a straight .845 all the way.

After that it worked perfectly and the cylinder lock up was as tight as possible with no end shake or side-to-side movement. No further problems where encountered with any of these Abilenes.

I always carried the proved to have two problems, the hand was too short to rotate the cylinder around completely so it would not lock up; also the front sight was not properly silver soldered. , however it was finished in a bead blasted nickel looking much like stainless-steel.

As on the 4 5/8 this one also had a full .845 diameter bull barrel, however instead of being totally round the top was flattened off and serrated.

Sights were near perfect with an Eliason rear sight matched up with a Patridge front sight. With the split in the partnership in 1977 United Sporting Arms began producing the .

At that time I had yet to fire one of the then brand-new Virginian Dragoon stainless steel .44 Magnums from Interarms.

My young friend was elated at the prospect of a new .44 and was more than willing to have me put it to the test first; to make the deal even better Interarms had a special onetime deal of Dragoons at half-price.

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